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Online Phone/Web/Mail Support
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Service Group: Office Building
Service Name: Online Phone/Web/Mail Support
Menthod: KAIZEN
  1. To be honest communication with customer
  2. Always target to customer happiness.
Answer telephone according DMC procedures:
    • You might receive external calls from prospective customers asking for information about the products that you sell or from employees from other departments or stores. Regardless of whether the call is from an internal or external customer or from prospective customers, suppliers or other businesses, you have the opportunity on the telephone, to make a good impression. By being friendly, helpful, respectful and informative you will present your business in a good light.
    • DMC will have procedures for answering the phone. DMC expect phones to be answered within three or four rings. Lift the receiver with your non-writing hand; this will enable you to write a message or notes. Make sure you have a note pad for messages and ensure that messages are passed on in a timely manner according to our policies.
    • For the listener to hear you clearly, hold the phone about 1.5 cm from your lips. If you hold it any closer, it will distort your voice, no matter how clearly you speak. After lifting the handset identify yourself and introduce DMCs Name. Ask the caller how you can help them.
    • Make your voice clear, warm, welcoming. Although you and the customer cannot see each other you can still display your interest and willingness to help. Greet the customer, identifying DMC and yourself. Put a smile in your voice, the caller will receive a positive image of you and DMC.
  1. To receive a call:
    • English: Hello DMC Corporation. [Your name] speaking, good [morning] May I help you to day
    • Vietnames: Alo, Công ty Ðang Minh [Tên người gửi] xin nghe.
  2. If you must put a customer on hold:
    • give the customer a choice of being put on hold or having the call returned.
    • explain why you need to put the customer on hold.
    • check back periodically, to make sure the customer still wishes to wait.
    • thank the customer for waiting.
  3. If you must transfer a call:
    • check that the person about to receive the call is the right one to handle the problem, inquiry, etc
    • tell customers who they will be talking to, and why the call is being transferred.
    • if possible, outline to the person receiving the call a brief description of the reason for the call
    • end calls appropriately, according to store/ enterprise policy
    • allow the caller to hang up first
  4. To send email:
    • Always use DMC mail signature to send or receive email.
    • Once you receive email, you must answer. (FYI, FYR or YES/NO as well)
  5. To set up Auto answer:
    • Nhấc máy gọi (hoặc bấm SP-Phone).
    • bấm 1076, nghe lời chào.
    • Bấm #1234, nghe đọc.
    • Bấm 000.
    • Bấm 1, nghe tiếng tít.
    • Đọc nội dung (Xin kính chào quý khách đã gọi đến tòa  nhà Broadcard cty DMC – cơ sở 3 Điện Biên Phr. Để gặp tiếp tân cty DMC vui lòng nhấn phím 0, để gặp bảo vệ nhấn số 3174 hoặc số nội bộ cần gặp. Để gặp các công ty khác trong tòa nhà, vui lòng nhấn số phòng. Xin chân thành cảm ơn!).
    • Bấm phím #2 .
    • Bấm phím # để kết thúc.
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